LTspice Models Download Now Available

Circuit behavior can be a huge challenge for design engineers.

Not only do you have to do DC and High Frequency response analysis, you also need to design within an aggressive project timeline.

Fortunately, we have you covered. When you download our LTspice Models, you can speed up the design for a more stable, reliable circuit. Check out our full announcement article to get the details, including a helpful video on steps to access the library once you download.

Our goal at Pulse Electronics Power BU is to provide you with the tools you need to design advanced circuits efficiently. Click below to download the LTspice models on our Resources page.


EDS Summit 2017: Overview & Details for Pulse Electronics Power BU

If you’re in the electronics industry, then you probably heard the buzz about this year’s annual EDS Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Between meetings with our distributors and chats with our sales reps to review our 2017 plans, the Pulse Electronics Power Team was excited to share the news of improved performance with everyone. Read full article

New Product Announcements

One of the many things our engineers have taught us is how important differentiation can be in any industry. Your unique innovations in Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Motor Drive Applications, and Industrial Applications means huge gains for revenue, productivity, and design.

We’re thrilled to announce two new products to seamlessly differentiate your product and get ahead of the game:

High Isolation SMT Flyback Gate Drive Transformers: PH0416/PH9363NL power the gate drive circuitry in a compact design. Read more

High Density Power Inductors: Fully Shielded for EMI. PA4318-PA4322.XXXNL offer increased energy storage & more footprint options. Read More

Name the Pulse Pup and You Can Win a $50 Gift Card

Meet the newest member of Pulse Electronics! This one-and-a-half-year-old lab mix came to us from a San Diego-based Rescue group from the Humane Society. He also received some emotional support therapy training. Help us give him a name!

We're taking name suggestions on Facebook and Twitter through Friday, June 2nd - If you provide the winning name, you'll win a $50 visa gift card.