DesignCon 2018: We will be exhibiting at Booth #632

Will you be attending DesignCon 2018 in Santa Clara, California. We'd love it if you joined us in the Exhibition Hall, Booth #632. Until then, you can learn more about our behind-the-scenes happenings from last year. If you're interested in the products we'll be showcasing, check out our complete product offerings. We look forward to meeting you there!

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PSMA Membership

We are proud to announce our PSMA (Power Sources Manufacturers Association) membership. We will be joining other leaders and experts in the Power Sources Industry.

In addition to access to industry specific reports, we'll be participating in forums and committees related to magnetics, alternative energy, power electronics & much more.

New PH9455 Series: Nanoncrystalline Common Mode Chokes

Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit has released a new amorphous metal common mode choke. The nanocrystalline core PH9455.xxxNL series comes in a reduced size that allows for a higher impedance per unit volume when compared to ferrite choke. Read Full Article

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New PH9455 Series: Nanoncrystalline Common Mode Chokes

Introducing our new series of amorphous metal common mode chokes with nanocrystalline core that enables higher impedance per unit volume - the PH9455 Series.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Solar Inverters: What Sits under the Solar Panel Matters

This article provides a macroscopic view of the design of a solar energy systems and discusses the functioning of micro-inverters from an engineering perspective, especially examining its merits to ascertain if there is any truth to all the hype.

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