SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace 40 9CRH type 40 × 40 × 56 mm Counter Rotating Fan. It features the highest static pressure in the industry.* It offers ideal cooling solutions for servers, power supplies, ICT devices, and data storage systems. This fan also has the PWM control function as standard that enables to externally control the rotational speed of the fan.


1. High Static Pressure: The maximum static pressure has increased by 62% compared with our current model. It provides effective cooling especially for high density equipment.

2. High Energy Efficiency and Low Noise: Power consumption and noise level have been reduced by approximately 10% and 3 dB(A), respectively, compared with our current model**. Furthermore, the PWM control function enables the external control of fan speed, contributing to even lower noise and higher energy efficiency of devices.

Applications: Servers, power supplies, ICT devices, and data storage systems