SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. has developed and launched the San Ace 92RF 9RF type Ø92 mm × 38 mm Reversible Flow Fan, expanding the series lineup.

This is the first time that a reversible fan that can fit in Ø100 mm home ventilation ducts has been introduced to the market.


1. Reduces the required number of fans

  • Wind direction of the fan can be switched so fewer fans are required. It therefore contributes to reducing equipment costs and saving space. It is suitable for the ventilation of houses, beverage vending machines, food display cases, LED lights, and other places where multiple fans are used to blow air in opposite directions.
  • Controlling of rotational speed and wind direction can be performed by external PWM signals to deliver an appropriate rotational speed, contributing to reducing noise and saving energy.

2. Equivalent cooling performance in both directions

  • It delivers approximately the same airflow and static pressure in both blowing directions, so ventilation management is easy.

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