CSNL Series - Metal Plate Current Sensing Chip Resistor

CSS/CSSH Series - Ultra Precision Current Sensing Chip Resistor

RALEIGH, NC (Apr. 26, 2017) – Stackpole offers low value resistors constructed with metal foil technology. This precision design allows Stackpole to achieve tolerances down to 0.5%, TCR’s of 50 ppm/ºC TCR in resistance values down to 0.25 milliohms. These low resistance values are ideal for power management applications where high efficiency is a priority allowing design engineers to dissipate less power for control. Stackpole has two series that offer this foil technology, CSNL and CSS/CSSH Series.

Both, CSNL and CSS/CCH Series, have excellent performance over life, temperature cycling, moisture, and short time overload with typical resistance shifts less than 0.5%. To accommodate various applications, Stackpole offers these parts in a wide range of case sizes, ranging from 0603 up to 4527. Stackpole’s experience with all metal technology and the implementation of high speed manufacturing processes provide high performances parts at competitive prices.

The cost effective CSNL and CSS/CSSH Series are ideal for a variety of power control and power management applications in products ranging from low to high volume consumer electronics, and a range of portable electronic devices. These foil resistors are also a great choice for electric motor control, fuel powered engine control, DC-to-DC converters, frequency converters, and a wide range of power supply applications.

Pricing for these series ranges from $0.15 each to $1.35 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for volume pricing. Many popular values and sizes are in currently in stock.

For more information about Stackpole products, contact Stackpole Electronics, Inc. at 2700 Wycliff Road Suite 410, Raleigh NC 27607; phone 919-850-9500; email marketing@seielect.com; or visit the website at www.seielect.com.

Stackpole Electronics Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of resistors. Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., the privately held company began manufacturing in 1928 as part of Stackpole Carbon Company in St. Mary's, Pennsylvania. Now part of the Akahane Stackpole Manufacturing Group, Stackpole has facilities in Japan, Taiwan, China, the US and Mexico.